Build the Business of Your Dreams

Stephanie Redcross West

Building a vegan business may be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you do in your life. But like anything that’s really worth doing, it will take a lot of hard work, and it will come with challenges and difficulties. Vegan entrepreneurs are a PASSIONATE group with creative, innovative ideas, and that passion is certainly one of the critical keys to success. However, it’s just as critical to ensure that whatever type of vegan business you’re thinking about building is based on a really SOLID foundation. That means groundwork that may not be as exciting, but is still fundamentally important.

 Stephanie Redcross West has been working with vegan entrepreneurs -- and has been one herself -- for more than a decade, and she knows what it takes to succeed in the vegan business world. Through her business, Vegan Mainstream, she offers free tools and resources, as well as paid online training and business coaching, that share proven strategies for success with vegan entrepreneurs and business owners from solopreneurs to large companies.