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Ep. 35: Misty Young and Sherry Kari Baum, My Nutrition Nurse

Meet Our Guests: Misty Young and Sherry Kari Baum, RN, MSN are Certified Whole Foods Plant Based Nutritional Therapists. They are also the co-founders behind My Nutrition Nurse, a brand new WFPB online multimedia academy. Through live coaching and hands-on support My Nutrition Nurse helps people to adopt a WFPB diet that truly improves their health outcomes.

In this episode of Pivot! Stephanie digs into the details and lessons learned from the experience Sherry and Misty have had launching their business in 2020 — a time of crisis from so many angles. They talk about the thought process they went through pulling their program back, and then moving forward with the launch, realizing that what they have to share is more important now then ever.

Find out:

  • How My Nutrition Nurse helps people to make a shift from SAD (Standard American Diet) to GLAD (Glowing Life American Diet)
  • How the pandemic and the unrest that has occurred in 2020 has affected the startup of My Nutrition Nurse
  • Why lifestyle matters so much in staying healthy in a pandemic – and why it’s important to get started now!


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