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Are you ready for change? You’ve come to the right place!  

Welcome to the Vegan Mainstream business portal page, where THIS WEEK ONLY we will be sharing all kinds of tools and suggestions to help start, relaunch or reposition your vegan business.  

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Thursday, May 9th: Case Study: Keven

Wednesday, May 8th: Case Study: Joanne

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What’s your “why”?

Monday, May 6th: Myths That Might Hold You Back

Wednesday, May 1st: The Business Journey

Tuesday, April 30th: Your Call To Take Action

Vegan Business Mini-Masterclass

Live Stream Replay


Description: There will always be speedbumps and roadblocks on the path to vegan business success, and these obstacles can be used to help us grow and make our businesses stronger.  

In this live session we will talk about having the courage and know-how to re-chart your business course, finding the necessary balancing act between setting plans and following them, and knowing when to make adjustments.  

If you’ve been feeling stuck or experiencing setbacks join me as I provide insight into when you should be considering adjustments or re-sets in your business plans.

Vegan Business Mini-Masterclass

Live Stream Replay


Description: Taking the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others who have come before you is a very smart thing to do as a new business owner.  

Join me in this live session to talk about mistakes commonly made by vegan business owners, including: trying to use too many marketing tools, not spending enough time with customers, and the perils of outsourcing too early in the game.  

On Thursday's LIVE session we discussed common mistakes made by vegan business owners, and what we can learn from them!

Free Webinar: Watch Now! 

Creating An Unstoppable Vegan Business

  • Is it time to take your passion for the vegan lifestyle into your everyday work life and become a vegan entrepreneur? If you are thinking about starting a vegan venture but are not sure where to start (or how to get it off the ground) this webinar with Managing Director of Vegan Mainstream Stephanie Redcross West might be just what you have been waiting for!  

Upcoming FREE Webinars: 

Getting It Done (5/22)

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Ready to find your passion or make your vegan business dream a reality? 

One of these courses might be what you need to take that next step!  

  • The Passionate Entrepreneur is for entrepreneurs who are just getting started and need some support getting things off the ground.
  • The Profitable Coach is perfect for anyone who coaches, teaches or consults with others, business owners who are ready to take things to the next level. 
  • The Savvy Instructor is for people who are teaching nutrition and/or cooking classes. It’s for business owners who may be feeling overwhelmed or having a hard time filling the seats in their classes.  

Each course offers:  

  • 16-19 lessons divided into 4 comprehensive modules
  • 40+ instructional videos that will teach you key concepts
  • 45+ “How to” videos that will help you implement what you are learning
  • 15+ workbooks to help you convert learning into action
  • A 1-1 30-minute consult specific to YOUR business
  • 12 live Q &A Group calls
  • 24 months of access to all course content  

I have learned so much from my time as a vegan entrepreneur and I’m eager to share my expertise to help more vegan businesses get up, running and sustainable for the long term.  

So... are you in?

The Passionate Entrepreneur
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The Profitable Coach
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The Savvy Instructor
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