Ep. 105: How to Sell Plant-Based Jerky in Texas with Brett Christoffel



Brett Christoffel is the Founder and CEO of All Y’alls Foods. All Y’alls Foods was born from Brett’s love of cows. After spending over 40 years consuming them, it hit Brett that he loved all animals as much as he loved a dog or cat, so he stopped eating meat and became a vegan.

As a native Texan, Brett takes pride in his state. When he learned that one of Texas’ most substantial contributions to the world is beef, he decided to support changing that by launching All Y’alls’ first product: It’s Jerky Y’all, in May of 2018.

In this episode of Pivot, Brett describes his journey from avid carnivore to becoming vegan and founding his plant-based snack company in Texas, USA.

Brett shares his story of vegan entrepreneurship and what it was like launching a plant-based food brand in Texas, a state whose second-largest export is beef.

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Things have changed and people are seeing it. 90% of all plant-based foods are eaten by people who still eat meat – so it’s happening, people are trying it, people are sampling things. Whether it’s from a health perspective, Planet perspective, or compassion for the animal perspective, more and more people just keep coming to it. And what’s great is no matter why they come to it, at least it impacts all three areas every time.

—Brett Christoffel

Show notes:

[01:45] All Y’alls Foods is a mission-driven plant-based proteins company that is based in Texas. 

[04:24] Two books that changed Brett’s life: meatless Monday was fun for him until he realized that diet and diseases are related.

[09:05] It all started at Grapevine Main Street Festival: calling vegan grocery stores to move forward and scale.

[11:01] Selling ⅔ retail and ⅓ online: the ways consumer packaged goods are usually distributed. 

[14:12] Getting out of animal agriculture to different field with great success.

[17:35] Vegan business perspective and margins: why Brett uses only organic soybeans.

[21:36] All certificates All Y’alls Food is working on: no GMO.

[24:14] Vegan business challenges: world is changing and 90% of all plant-based foods are eaten by people who still eat meat.

[26:24] What he is most proud of: “Damn, it feels good to be a vegan.”

[28:15] Getting things right: working hard and being happier than ever.

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