Ep. 107: Revolutionizing HR – Cultivating Compassion, Sustainability, and Holistic Initiatives with Jay Barrett



Jay Barrett is a globally experienced human resources professional and an empathetic and passionate advocate of veganism. With a commitment to fostering a more compassionate and sustainable world, he strives to reduce society’s reliance on animals for food, materials, testing, and entertainment. After dedicating 12 years to the fashion industry, Jay embarked on a new path as a consultant, merging his passion for veganism with his expertise in human resources.

Jay is currently on an entrepreneurial journey, establishing a business and brand that creates opportunities for others. As the visionary behind Culture Canopy, a human resources consultancy, he focuses on collaborating with purpose-driven clients who aspire to make a positive impact on the world, particularly within the realms of social impact, veganism, sustainability, and animal advocacy.

Culture Canopy is at the forefront of developing people-centric, sustainable, and holistic human resources initiatives and services. Their approach is tailored to each organization’s unique ambitions and goals, ensuring a perfect fit. Jay and his accomplished team design compassionate and effective people strategies, providing transformational human resources solutions to enhance employee performance and elevate their overall experience.

In this episode, we delve into the fascinating concept of fractional HR and how it empowers organizations with invaluable access to expert guidance and services. Jay also shares profound insights on strategic planning for future growth, encouraging organizations to embrace scalability and evolution over time. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain unparalleled wisdom and learn how to shape a brighter future for your organization. Tune in and be inspired by Jay’s extraordinary journey, brimming with passion, purpose, and meaningful impact.

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When you’re leading people, your role is to determine what your team needs, because everyone is different. Some people need more structure, some are good with ambiguity and the freedom to go and figure it out. And some people want to know, ‘This is exactly what I need to do. These are the kinds of boundaries that I work with.’ It’s finding that happy medium that works with everyone.

– Jay Barrett

Show notes:

[00:43] Today’s topic is HR: how to create a culture within an organization that supports people and our ethical standards.

[03:09] Functional HR: James is passionate about working with organizations that are growing.

[07:23] HR is helping you bring your vision to life: internal systems, team dynamics and contexts for navigating, so everyone in your team is set up for success.

[10:12] Two most important HR aha moments for Stephanie.

[12:44] The one-year annual performance process is not enough to build a good team: talent nurture, workforce planning, communication channels, regular feedback and talent management that speaks with the culture.

[16:28] Two reviews per year: when business is changing, multiple reviews are needed.

[19:05] Keeping communication and collaboration boundaries clear: importance of having specific time and space for one-on-one meetings to discuss what the team needs.

[21:57] How consistency and process helped Stephanie’s team to get the same type of support for everyone in her team.

[23:33] Leading a team means determining what your team needs.

[25:28] Remaining agile and be prepared for changes: don’t be rigid – you are on a journey.

[27:23] HR consultancy and James’ pro bono support for organizations in animal and vegan advocacy space.

[30:46] You need to be prepared for pivoting: don’t forget to refine and look back on your achievements.

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