Ep. 70: Louisa Nicholson of Every Vegan Recipe on Balancing Priorities and Setting Deadlines


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Every Vegan Recipe is a food platform and publisher that allows users to share plant-based recipes. Every recipe is categorized in nearly 100 ways, has extensive nutritional information displayed, and allows users to interact with the recipe creator.

This tool is for anyone seeking strictly plant-based recipes using foods like fruits, grains, vegetables, herbs, and tubers. It’s great for a wide variety of users, whether you are vegan, veg-curious, or just need a nice dish to serve at a dinner party or on Meatless Monday. Every Vegan Recipe is advertising-free, privacy-focused, and member-supported. 

Louisa Nicholson is the brain behind Every Vegan Recipe, and in this episode of PIVOT, she shares tips and experiences that will be invaluable to other vegans looking to start up a new online business.

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Show notes: 

🥑 Every Vegan Recipe is a user-friendly platform and network for publishing and sharing plant-based-only recipes. 02:42

👌 The importance of making sure that the customer experience in your business is exceptional. 4:42

🗓️ How the launching of “weekly recipes” helps to bring the Every Vegan Recipe community together, and tips from Louisa on planning ahead. 6:15

🎀 The details on how a longer launch timeline gives Louisa enough time for fine-tuning. 07:24

🎯 How this feature-rich platform allows people to find out everything they need to know about the transition to vegan eating, plus how it helps recipe creators to gain needed visibility.11:01

😇 The advantage for recipe creators: no need to build and market a standalone site — they can now submit recipes to Every Vegan Recipe! 14:17

🆚 Info on building a subscription-based business: the Bandcamp vs Spotify model. 17:06

🔎 ‘Testing the waters’: “There’s nothing like actually launching and seeing what happens.” 21:33

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