Ep. 72: Stephen Clarke of The Vegan Experience – It’s NEVER too late to change


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Stephen Clarke pivoted in his 50s to make a positive change in his life while making a positive impact in the world. Over the last few years, he has developed a new model around giving, formulating The Vegan Experience which aims to provide healthy non-GMO organic vegan food to the 17 million+ children in North America suffering from food insecurities.

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Show notes:

When people donate they want—and deserve—to know where their money is going. They need full transparency and they need to know the impact their money is making. As many of the young people we work with put it, “What’s in this for me?” Aren’t we all in this together, and shouldn’t we all be able to win? I realized that the current charity model made it impossible to answer those questions. Charity has been around for 200 years and the way it is done hasn’t been touched. So it’s time for a change.

😇 Stephen has pivoted many times, always disrupting the giving space in a positive way–he is currently working to help solve child hunger in North America. 03:00

😎 Learn about the sustainable model Steven has created around giving: the donor gets full transparency and wins more than they put in. 04:36

💚 The Vegan Experience offers donors a discount app and buys children’s meals that go directly into charities’ hands. 07:07

🤗 Building a homeless shelter and a feeding-people-model transformed into The Vegan Experience thanks to the vegan community. 08:18

🤯 One out of five children go to school hungry in Canada and the USA. 11:35

🌞 This is a collaborative model plus charity: the idea is to feed hungry kids in North America and then use the profits to help others. 13:58

💲 How The Vegan Experience shares its profits and reinvests in the vegan community. 15:40

✨ Use The Vegan Experience app to buy a meal for kids in North America and save 15% on purchases with more than 300,000 vendors. 19:11

🥗 An eye-opening experience: vegan food is providing so much energy! 21:18

🆚 Key idea: everybody must win more than they put in.  25:21

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