Ep. 75: Nikki Trott of Conscious Accelerator – From Fashion to Leading Conscious Entrepreneurship


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Nikki is the Founder/CEO of Conscious Accelerator, helping conscious entrepreneurs unlock their impact and success through internal mindset and external strategies, creating profit with purpose. Her podcast, Going Conscious, explores transformations to fulfillment and freedom with visionary entrepreneurs and academics, and is listened to in over 30 countries.

Nikki was recently featured in Thrive Global’s “Top Thriving Female Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2021”. She is a Board Member for conscious companies, including We Are Well and Mumble Forum, a business advisor, serial entrepreneur, brand strategy expert and certified transformation coach.

Nikki previously consulted 100+ top fashion/lifestyle brands globally (from Mulberry to Mango to Mercedes Benz) before aligning her work with her values. She now understands that purpose drives true success and that we do not need to compromise on profit or purpose.

Originally from London, Nikki has lived in New York and Berlin and now lives nomadically.

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Show notes + quote:

“So I’ve been told,  if you have your own business, you’re working with top big brands that everyone knows, and you’re making great money, then you’re successful. And it was really interesting to get there as fast as I could and then realize, I don’t feel successful because I don’t feel fulfilled. And at the same time, I was on my personal spiritual journey of becoming fully vegan, of starting to meditate, reading spiritual books, and really feeling that, actually, my work is not aligned with what I truly care about on the inside, and how can I find a way to bring those two together?”

🆙 Elevating the entrepreneurial profession. 00:46

👠 Nikki worked in the fashion industry for over a decade but her values were not met. 03:00

🙃 Success and different visions of success: What success means to You? 06:40

👀 Things are not so obvious: Nikki found a holistic approach to internal and external part of consalting. 07:38

🕴️ It all starts within: “Our businesses are an expression of us” 09:03

🎯 Entrepreneurs have to accept imperfections and listen openly. 12:19

😩 Fear of being judged:  “I realize, no one has time to judge. No one cares.” 13:06

⚡ “Making a leap and taking the first few steps can really inspire a ton of people in so many different ways.” 14:47

✍️ A 5-minute journaling routine in the morning with three simple questions. 16:51

🗓️ Sasonal reviews: creating space for things you want to do and letting things to evolve. 18:17

❌Nikki scrapped the long term plans: having flexibility and vision instead is more important. 21:45

💡 Creating ideas and simplifying execution of those ideas to really make a difference. 24:05

📄 One-page Business Canvas. 26:35

🤩 You are not alone: Align yourself with people who are transforming themselves, who are making a change or have before. 29:51

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