Ep. 77: Sam Roblett of Zebra Admin – Helping Remove the Chaos


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Sam Roblett of Zebra Admin switched from a career in education leadership to providing business support services for vegan businesses. Her mission as the Virtual Assistant and Director of Zebra Admin is to support vegan, ethical, plant-based, and eco-conscious businesses to thrive. Having been a small business owner herself, Sam knows that sometimes passion needs support. Someone who knows your business can help you turn the chaos you might be feeling into the calm you desire.

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Show notes + quote:

“Once you get to the point as a solopreneur or small business owner where you want to scale up, as soon as you want to hand something off, you need a system in place to do that. What we found was that we have lots of small clients come to us, and they want to hand things over to us, but they don’t really know how to do it. Or they’re quite scattered and their processes aren’t efficient. And so we spend a lot of time with clients talking about how we can help them streamline things. This is kind of a sideline to what we do in supporting vegan businesses…we actually find and create systems and process documents for our clients in order for us to be able to work efficiently for them and with them. So, the efficiency side of things is definitely something that small businesses don’t think about enough.”

🙋🏾‍♀️ Sam is a resource for all vegan entrepreneurs out there. 00:44

🛣️ Sam’s journey to entrepreneurship: from becoming vegan overnight to activism. 03:34

🦓 How Sam founded Zebra Admin for helping entrepreneurs and small business owners. 06:51

🤓 What the business model of virtual assistant services as a full business support and partnership looks like. 08:51

👉 How Sam shifted her role from solopreneur to team leader. 10:46

🎯 Entrepreneurs need a phased approach to grow their businesses. 12:39

🔝 Vegan businesses are held to a much higher standard and customer experience. 14:06

🔎 Small businesses don’t pay enough attention to efficiency. 16:30

📝 Marketing is important, but having documented processes is crucial. 17:58

☮️ Turning chaos into calm tagline. 19:24

🌺 If you own a vegan business, people need to know it is a vegan business. 21:35

🤩 Tips on how to organize your tasks: don’t be afraid to delegate. 23:06

😎 Vegan business networking:: “If you want a vegan to do something for you, there’ll be one somewhere.” 26:30

🌞 Seeing the vegan world coming alive is so inspiring. 29:48

👌 Sam and Stephanie have the same passion and vision. 31:33

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