Ep. 78: Why Vegan Fashion is the Next Vegan Revolution with Annick Ireland


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Immaculate Vegan is the world’s premier vegan fashion & lifestyle platform for living beautifully and ethically.

We’re on a mission. We love fashion. We just don’t like what it does to the planet, animals, and people. So we decided to change it. From vegan shoes, bags & accessories to ethical & sustainable clothing and homewares, we select the best and most beautiful vegan products in the world and make it easy for others to discover and buy them.

We are a young company, small but growing fast in an exciting market that has enormous promise. After 22 months of trading, we’re selling 80+ brands, generating 40k visitors a month, and have been featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, BBC News, The Evening Standard, YOU Magazine, Good On You, Stylist, and GQ. Founder Annick Ireland was also recently a judge on Marie Claire’s first-ever Sustainability Awards.

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Show notes:

⏩ Fashion as the next vegan revolution. 00:43

🤩 For Annick the food side of transitioning was so simple, but the transition to vegan fashion was not. 02:15

👝 Getting people interested in veganism through cool fashion items. 04:10

🌵 Great innovation is happening in vegan fashion: Nepal cactus leather, apple leather, pineapple, banana leather etc. 05:48

🍎 Big fashion brands and small ones are using new vegan leather commercially.  08:19

🧠 Don’t you want a really progressive approach? 09:45

🔗 Opening up many lanes of communication and different ideas. 11:10

👏 A multi-pronged messaging approach to create a support network. 12:04

💻 Building the business of immaculatevegan.com 13:53

💥 How Immaculate Vegan was born from a few events. 15:30

😇 “There are so many things you can do that you may not think you can do.” 18:45

😎 Risky and not-that-risky approaches to business: find a way to try. 19:03

👠 Premium vegan fashion focusing on the USA and UK marketplaces. 19:46

🎁 Gift guides for the festive season: surprise people with how great vegan stuff is. 21:35

👛 A positive change discussion about veganism can start with an apple leather wallet. 22:30

🙌 Be willing to try your ideas out and be focused about it. 23:45

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