Interviews that keep vegan entrepreneurs and business owners in the know about trendy business issues and how experienced and new vegan business leaders are handling them.

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The current discussion focuses on how vegan business owners have made changes in their businesses in response to COVID-19, and how they’re using their platforms for social good, and to support their communities.

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Interviews that keep vegan entrepreneurs and business owners in the know

Interested in being interviewed too?

If you are a vegan business owner submit a link to your website, a business bio, and a few sentences about the topics you would like to discuss. 

Ellen Jaffe Jones & Troy Funk

Meet Our Guests: Ellen is the author of 6 vegan health and fitness books including, Eat Vegan on $4 a Day, Vegan Fitness for Mortals, Vegan Sex and Vegan for One. When Ellen’s entire speaking career for the next year was cancelled, she pivoted and turned her real estate experience into her next career, partnering with her vegan boyfriend and 35 year-veteran of the Sarasota real estate market, Troy Funk. As a real estate agent, Troy had weathered many market crashes and took on the grueling job as a broker for the fastest growing real estate company, Realty One Group.

Troy is a self-taught vegan who came to the movement trying to solve a family member’s health problem. He coincidentally discovered Ellen at the Portland Vegfest where she spoke in 2016, and invited her to speak at local vegan potlucks he organized not far from where they both lived in Sarasota.

Geoff Palmer, Clean Machine

Meet Our Guest: Geoff Palmer, a 57year old, 35yr Vegan is a Natural Bodybuilding and Natural Physique Masters Champion, the Owner of Clean Machine Plant-Based Fitness Nutrition, author, national lecturer, vegan patent holder and 2 Time NEXTY Winner for “Best Supplement of the Year” in 2016 & 2018.

Geoff was selected #40 of the “Top 100 Most Influential Vegans” by Plant Based News.
Geoff created the First 100% Vegan Bodybuilding Competition in the World.

Geoff will also be featured in 3 Vegan Documentary Films. Clean Machine donates 10% of sales every quarter to organizations that promote a plant-based lifestyle.

Gabrielle Darvassy and Christine DeRose

Meet Our Guest: Gabrielle Darvassy is the Executive Chef and curator of B’Gabs Vegan Kitchen. B’Gabs was established as wellness space that not only provided plant-based nutrition but provided educational classes ranging from deep meditation, holistic nutrition and herbalism. Gabrielle’s unique model of inclusion has gained recognition for superior food ingenuity to most recently community service initiatives by the Obama Foundation. Gabrielle’s passion to ensure that all people regardless of economic demographic should have access to health and nutritional options leads her service charge of giving. It is these passions that continue Gabrielle’s pursuits in obtaining continued education and forming alliances with those whom which to eradicate food insecurity.

Taylor Wolfram RD

Meet Our Guest: Taylor Wolfram, MS, RDN, LDN, is a private practice dietitian, health writer and consultant based in Chicago, Illinois. She has expertise in vegan nutrition, uses a Health At Every Size® approach and believes everyone has a right to body autonomy and respect.

Nora Kramer, Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp

Meet Our Guest: Nora Kramer, founder and Executive Director of Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp which is a summer camp for social change that has been training aspiring activists to make a bigger difference since 2009. YEA Camp runs weeklong overnight leadership camps for progressive teens and tweens to build their knowledge, skills, confidence, and community to make a bigger impact on the social justice issues of their choice. In alignmnent with the camp’s values of respecting people, animals, and the planet, all the food at YEA Camp is vegan. YEA Campers have gone on to do amazing things, like getting Meatless Mondays in their schools, doing voter registration drives and even getting a new polling place added at their college campus, raising thousands of dollars for great causes, organizing protests and climate strikes, and lots more.

Courtney Garza, Sprinkles Creative & VEGWORLD Magazine

Meet Our Guest: Courtney Garza is a passionate vegan that brings her love for journalism, creativity, helping local businesses, and animals altogether with her compassionate social media agency that she co-founded with her business partner Christina Bluford, Sprinkles Creative to aid businesses with their branding strategy. Courtney also owns and operates VEGWORLD Magazine, an international vegan lifestyle publication, as the Editor-in-Chief to curate and promote plant-based stories from vegan products, services, and individuals from all walks of life.

Bubbie Staron, The Plant-Based Heart

Meet Our Guest: Bubbie Staron is a long-time vegan who decided to intertwine her passion for helping people with her passion for helping animals. After confronting her own health issues, she learned all she could about plant-based eating and nutrition and is now a licensed Food for Life instructor. She works full time at her county’s department of social services and also just launched her new business, The Plant Based Heart, after her plans to offer classes at her full-time job was interrupted by the pandemic.

Sherimane Johnson, Night Owl Vegan & NaturallySweet Desserts

Meet Our Guest: Sherimane Johnson is a Vegan Chef, owner of two vegan eateries (Night Owl Vegan & NaturallySweet Desserts) and certified Vegan Nutrition Coach who specializes in helping her clients attain their goals of adopting a vegan approach to eating and life. 

Having overcome the life-altering impacts of Type 2 diabetes with a plant-based diet and vegan approach to life, her results encouraged the creation of products and services to help others do the same. 

Today Sherimane offers individual coaching and virtual cooking classes while her vegan eateries provide weekly meal delivery service.

Juan Bautista Piqué, Un Mundo Vegano

Meet Our Guest: Juan Bautista Piqué. The company “Un Mundo Vegano” (“One Vegan World” in spanish) starts as a response to make it easy for people to experience veganism in latin america. Juan Bautista Piqué, founder, was a heavy meat eater and one day changed his diet (after feeling much better physically and emotionally without eating meat), but without knowing “how to do it”. Un Mundo Vegano helps people experience veganism in three areas: #1 – Information and Education: through online courses and “one on one” assessments / #2 – Products: informing of vegan products and soon distributing also products / #3 – Places: informing people of places to eat a delicious vegan meal.

Cindy Thompson, Trimazing

Meet Our Guest: Cindy wants you to be Trimazing—three times better than amazing! After improving her health and fitness through plant-based nutrition, losing 60 pounds and becoming an adult-onset athlete, she retired from her 20-year firefighting career to help people just like you. She works with people and organizations so they can reach their health and wellness goals. Our health and wellness is closely tied to the health of our environment. Cindy incorporates zero-waste and sustainable practices throughout her programs. You’ll see it IS easy being green! Cindy Thompson is a certified Health Coach, Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Firefighter Peer Fitness Trainer. She is a Food for Life Instructor with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and Rouxbe Plant-Based Professional, teaching people how to prepare delicious, satisfying, and health-promoting meals. You can find Cindy at Trimazing! Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Diana Edelman with Vegans, Baby

Meet Our Guest: Diana Edelman is the founder of Vegans, Baby, whose mission is to make vegan life easier, and vegan dining more approachable and attainable. She does this through, which serves as the definitive guide to vegan dining in Las Vegas; a vegan guidebook to Las Vegas; organizing a vegan dining month in Las Vegas which has recently expanded to other cities; curated events and chef-driven dinners; hosting local and international tours taking people on culinary vacations (her Las Vegas tour was named as one of the top vegan tours in the world by Travel + Leisure); and a new podcast — The Good Fork — talking to leaders in the plant-based movement. Diana is a partner with the James Beard Foundation and Life is Beautiful, curating vegan dinners and activiations. She also provides consulting to restaurants who want to expand their plant-based offerings and audience, as well as private coaching to businesses.

Be with Vegannoying

MEET OUR GUEST: Vegannoying chronicles the tasty, rapidly growing vegan food opportunities through sharing photos, podcasts, and articles. From nutrition to “becoming vegan” to “How can my restaurant/cafe offer more plant-based options?” Vegannoying provides content, discus

Interview with Kirti Yadav

Meet Our Guest: Kirti Yadav I am a Clean Eating Evangelist and have already inspired 3500+ people across India. I love to share one simple mantra ” Eat Right, KuKClean” and you will see all the problems disappearing. It’s actually that simple. I lost 27 kgs of Weight which inspired me to start “KUKCLEAN” so that I could help not only women but also men who are struggling with sedentary lifestyle disorders where weight loss is the most important issue. While I was losing weight, I started my first startup “Plattershare” and learned the meaning of the word “STARTUP” for the first time. I learned one more thing that motherhood should not be treated as a career break but a search for that career which you wanted to do. Motherhood taught me to run a business, run a family, and nurture a soul with healthy food and upbringing. So at KuKClean, My second startup, I promote and spread health via Eating right Program to Corporates, schools, and colleges and I am on a mission to build a healthy next generation and change our generation.

Interview with Sandra Nomoto

Meet Our Guest:“The Content Doctor” Sandra Nomoto is the Managing Editor of TruHavn, an online magazine on the science and benefits of plants and fungi. After earning her university degree, she worked in the public relations industry for 13 years. During that time, she launched Conscious Public Relations Inc. at the age of 25. Over the 10 years in business, Nomoto was awarded the 2009 Volunteer of the Year by Women In Film & Television Vancouver, earned B Corporation® certification, and contributed to eWomenNetwork Vancouver earning the Best Social Media and Community Engagement Award. She was a founding member of the Vancouver Short Film Festival, which she helped grow from 2005 to 2015. Nomoto authored The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need in 2019, blogs on vegan lifestyle at and for Cold Tea Collective, and serves on the board of the Vancouver Mural Festival.

Interview with Shawn Stratton, International Vegan Film Festival

Meet Our Guest:Shawn Stratton, is the founder and director of the International Vegan Film Festival and World Tour. He started the festival in 2018 to inspire, educate and entertain audiences with vegan-themed films from around the world. Shawn is also an international leadership consultant, professional speaker, bestselling author, Ironman and Ultramarathon competitor.

The International Vegan Film Festival is a, first of its kind in the world, annual film event. Now in its third year, the festival kicks off every October in Ottawa, Canada. The festival showcases vegan-themed films from around the world covering a wide variety of topics. Some of these include animal rights, health and nutrition, ethics, sustainability and climate change. Since 2018, the International Vegan Film Festival has had a world tour. This tour allows anyone to sign up as a host: from there, the host gets to pick where and when they would like to have their own Vegan Film Festival screening. It is a great way to build the local vegan community, interact with friends, and raise money for a cause or a business all while watching great independent vegan films.

Interview with Sachin Shan, Vegan Med

Meet Our Guest:Sachin A. Shah, PharmD, FAHA, is CEO of VeganMed and dedicated to creating a world where medications, supplements and cosmetics contain no animal-derived ingredients. As a pharmacist and research scientist he has published over 50 scientific papers which have generated over 1 billion media impressions in outlets such as NPR, BBC News, and USA Today. He is a former TEDx speaker on “managing the mind” and enjoys nature hikes with friends.

VeganMed, Inc aspires to create a world where medications, dietary supplements and cosmetics do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. For manufacturers, they offer the only proprietary “animal-free” certification program that incorporates lab testing. For consumers, they host a marketplace allowing worry-free shopping of independently verified animal-free over-the-counter products, and individualized, custom made animal-free prescription products.

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