Live Workshop:

Reduce Distractions And Grow Your Coaching Business

Thursday, July 29th · 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm (ET)

and / or

Friday, July 30th · 11:30 am to 1:30 pm (ET)


$ 30.00

Workshop *

Attend one or both sessions!


Virtual via Zoom

Your time as a coach is precious, so it’s advantageous to find ways to reduce rework and minimize administrative tasks, leaving you more time to spend with your clients. In this live class experience, you will discover systems, tools, and processes you can put in place in your coaching business to help things run efficiently.

This live class will shine a light on the exciting possibilities for streamlining your efforts, whether you’ve been running a successful business for a year, or you have yet to get started.

You’ll learn how to free up precious time so you can spend more time doing what you love to do, and focus your efforts on what you’re best at.

In this workshop you will learn: 

  • Which booking and scheduling tools to use for best results
  • Ideas for offers and packages that will help you increase your income and better serve your clients
  • How to reduce rework and better deal with repetitive tasks 
  • Ideas for securing your next few online clients
  • How to make client meetings more impactful

* We accommodate different time zones

Online live class experiences are offered on two different days and at two times to accommodate students in different time zones. The content is the same, but the classes are always a bit different because they are impacted by attendees. If you purchase this live class experience you are welcome to join us for one or both sessions.

Join Today & Get:

  • Training on the trends you should be following and implementing in your business.
  • A hands-on session that will show you how to implement our recommendations.
  • A quick-hits checklist to complete in the next 30 days to get the most out of this training.
  • Access to a Q&A session to get your questions answered.
  • Valuable networking opportunities with other attendees.

Why You Should Sign Up For This Training

Let’s face it, one of the hardest things to do as a vegan business owner is make sure your marketing stays sharp and helps you reach your ideal customer. As a solopreneur or small business owner, it may be difficult to find the time to learn about marketing. You may already feel behind, overwhelmed and inundated with things to do. By attending our live class experience, you will get the information you need quickly, in real-time. This special virtual training session can help you get started, keep you accountable, re-motivate you, or help you deal with challenges you are facing in your business. 

About Your Instructor: Stephanie Redcross West

Stephanie Redcross West is the Founder and Managing Director of Vegan Mainstream, a unique marketing consulting company, especially for vegan entrepreneurs and professionals. Since 2009 Stephanie has been developing tools, training, and support for the brave individuals who are starting and running vegan businesses all over the world. She is well equipped to do this, having more than 25 years of marketing experience with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

Stephanie is a frequent speaker at vegfests, conferences and has even hosted her own boot camp series. Through these types of engagements, and her day-to-day work with Vegan Mainstream, Stephanie inspires others to turn their vegan passion into successful businesses. Known for her impactful 1-on-1 consulting and business coaching services, Stephanie’s clients testify to the difference their work with Vegan Mainstream has made to their business success.

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