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We provide a full spectrum of free and paid services to support vegan business owners and entrepreneurs, established and new.

Our Client Services Suite

We provide a full spectrum of services for vegan business owners and entrepreneurs, new and established. We know that every business has its unique challenges based on a wide array of factors, such as business size, age, location, team skills, etc., so we have put together a suite of services that you can pick and choose from. That way you get exactly the support YOU need.

Vegan Online Training Community

Join a professional vegan community designed to help you learn, practice, share, complete tasks, and more…

SKILLS - The Vegan Online Training Community
Monthly Live Workshops & Training

Choose your marketing service package

Monthly Live Workshops & Training

Courses for Vegan Cooking Class Instructors

If you’re a Food For Life instructor, learn how to teach virtually. Or find out how to expand your biz. Are you…

Courses for Coaches & Instructors
Premium Podcasts: Fix It & Going Solo

Premium Podcast: Fix + Flow

Overcome doubt by exploring Imposter Syndrome, and learn about the positive impact AI can have on your biz.

Premium Podcasts: Fix It & Going Solo

1-on-1 Consults for vegan businesses

Personal consultations are about getting the tools and action plan you need to overcome a specific obstacle.

Courses for Biz Technology & Social Media
1-on-1 Consulting & Coaching programs

Intensive Coaching Packages

Our hands-on coaching programs are designed to help you focus on the most pressing issues or opportunities.

1-on-1 Consulting & Coaching programs

I have been working to support vegan business owners and entrepreneurs since 2009. I love what I do because it’s my passion to help build a pro-vegan world, and I know that creating a strong vegan marketplace is a super important part of that picture.

When I’m not helping to start or grow vegan businesses, I love working out, cuddling with my kitty, binge-watching TV shows on Netflix, and going to the theater…

I would love to learn more about your vegan business, and how I can help.

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Our Free Services Suite

Helping vegan businesses to start, grow, and succeed is our passion! That’s why we offer amazing free resources as a service to the vegan business community. They include guides, on-demand webinars, a free Slack community, interviews with vegan business owners, and our Free Podcast series ‘Pivot‘ and ‘Spark‘. You can access them all from our menu or here.

Free livestream & Podcast: Pivot

Get access to first-hand insight and advice from successful vegan business leaders. Join us LIVE or…

Free livestream & Podcast: Spark

Tap in for inspiration and practical, sound business advice. You can join us LIVE every week or…

Free On-Demand & Live Webinars

Join Stephanie LIVE for her unique take on topics in the vegan biz community. Or watch recordings of…

Free Online Guides & Articles

Easily find a collection of information on the subject you’re interested in. Browse individual ARTICLES or…

Free Vegan Business Community

Our vegan business-oriented community offers support, training, community chat, podcast, and more.

Free Learning on popular topics

Access a variety of our resources organized by topics. Learn how to use TECHNOLOGY, and…

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