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Vegan Mainstream has been helping vegan entrepreneurs and business people since 2009. Headquarters are located in Kissimmee, Florida, but our team is international, and we travel across North America to share the message and expertise of Vegan Mainstream. Our work brings vegan entrepreneurs together and helps them to reach further into the nonvegan sphere, always moving us closer to a reality in which veganism is mainstream.

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Stephanie Redcross West

Inspiring and supporting vegans in business is all part of a day’s work for Vegan Mainstream Founder and Managing Director Stephanie Redcross West. Vegan Mainstream is a company that provides tools, training, and support for vegan professionals. It is grounded in the simple idea that in order to build a pro-vegan world we need a solid infrastructure of successful businesses and brands to ensure that an ethical lifestyle is accessible to everyone, everywhere.

With 15 years of small business and Fortune 500 marketing experience under her belt, in  2009 Stephanie began blazing her trail as a leader in the vegan business world. Since then she has been working hard at not only building Vegan Mainstream into the invaluable resource it has become for vegan entrepreneurs and business owners but also collaborating with other key organizations in the vegan movement, speaking at events like vegfests and conferences, writing articles and columns for a variety of vegan magazines and participating in vegan business forums. She is constantly looking for new ways to share her expertise and help motivate others who want to help move veganism forward.

Most recently Stephanie has been using her experience with online course development to create new and innovative ways to meet the shifting and expanding needs of the vegan business community, including on-demand courses and a free online business support group. She has also been exploring the world of podcasting, always enjoying the challenge of finding new ways to help vegans make their businesses more impactful via digital platforms.

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Recent Media Coverage

Vegan Women's Leadership Network's Interview with Vegan Mainstream's Stephanie Redcross West

Interview By Vegan Women’s Leadership Network (Nov 2020)

“Back in 2009, long before veganism became trendy, Stephanie started developing tools, training, and support for vegan business owners. Before that, she’d gained 15 years of marketing experience with both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.”…

Vegan Megan's Interview with Vegan Mainstream's Stephanie Redcross West

Interview By Vegan Megan (Aug 2020)

“Vegan businesses are going mainstream: From bakeries to car manufacturers, it appears that everyone is going vegan these days. I’ve interviewed Her company offers services such as business consulting and digital marketing, providing small to medium businesses with restructuring plans, training, promotions, and business assessments.”…

Vegconomist's Interview with Vegan Mainstream's Stephanie Redcross West

Interview By Vegconomist (Aug 2020)

“Vegan Mainstream is a company that helps entrepreneurs get their vegan businesses going, offering both free and paid services, from quick advice to in-depth guidance, strategic business planning, and everything in between. We were able to catch up with Stephanie Redcross West, the solopreneur who founded Vegan Mainstream in 2009.”…

Main Street Vegan Podcast Episode #393 with Vegan Mainstream's Stephanie Redcross West

Main Street Vegan Podcast (Jul 2020)

“Learn business savvy for aspiring and established entrepreneurs, and discover tips for taking these stressful times in stride as we care more for ourselves and others and move vegan commerce forward.”

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