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A vegan business community where entrepreneurs connect, learn and grow their business.

Vegan Mainstream Village is our starter membership for anyone that wants to explore our online community SKILLS before committing to our Mastermind All-Access Pass.

Your SKILLS instructor Stephanie Redcross West

What is SKILLS?

Think of SKILLS like your vegan entrepreneur support system!

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to chat, collaborate, learn, take action, and celebrate with other vegan business owners who truly understand your experience.

This multichannel network gives you access to weekly exclusive content, fun and informative events, helpful advice, constructive feedback, and compassionate and enthusiastic support.

Vegan Mainstream Mastermind – Your All-Access Pass


Our community chat

Chat with fellow vegan business owners, share ideas and resources on all things building a business or just simply get to know each other. The VM team will be here to share inspirational and informative content.


Where we dive into the world of vegan entrepreneurship and the vibrant community. While SKILLS is a paid community, this podcast grants you access to invaluable insights and key strategic lessons for free.

Training by business state

Learn and get inspired: Tech & tools, starting a vegan business, growing a vegan business, scale a vegan biz & vegan business stories of people in our community.


Vegan Mainstream Village – Free Starter Membership

The SKILLS Vegan Mainstream Village is the perfect way to see what the community has to offer. Meet other community members, and access dozens of on-demand lessons and vegan business success stories.

Your free SKILLS Vegan Mainstream Village gives you access to:

  • SKILLS Community Chat
  • SKILLS Podcast
  • Our ‘Learn & Be Inspired’ Space
Vegan Mainstream Village – Start Learning With Our Free Membership

If you’re a vegan entrepreneur or business owner, you know that this is an EXCITING time in the vegan business movement!

Nevertheless, we are still in the minority and it can be a lonely road if you’re not able to easily connect with other like-minded professionals.

So we’ve created Vegan Mainstream Village, a brand new open and FREE membership that allows you to connect and network with other vegan entrepreneurs and business owners.

Come learn from and collaborate with other professionals who are working in the same marketplace, facing the same challenges and working towards similar missions.

SKILLS is more than just online learning

Why join Vegan Mainstream Village?

Joining Vegan Mainstream Village gives you FREE access to a section of our SKILLS vegan business community where you will receive support not only from fellow entrepreneurs and business owners but also directly from Vegan Mainstream, including well-known vegan business coach Stephanie Redcross West.

Inside skills

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and being a vegan entrepreneur has unique challenges. Meet other vegan and plant-based business owners in the Community Chat to share ideas, give and receive support and help make the journey a little less lonely.

Inside Skills - Community Chat

This is your guide to all that SKILLS has to offer. Each episode will feature a different lesson or area of learning you can dive into within the SKILLS community. Prepare to be inspired to take action and learn more!

Inside Skills - Podcast

Whether you’re just starting out, looking to grow or scale your vegan business, or wondering what tech and tools you should be using in your business, ‘Learn and Be Inspired’ is the place to go to expand your learning. This space is designed to get you thinking about steps you can take at any phase in your entrepreneurial journey to level up your business or your own skills. There are also plenty of case studies and vegan business success stories to keep you inspired and motivated as you launch, grow and scale your own business!

Inside Skills - Our ‘Learn & Be Inspired’ Space

Hi! I'm Your Instructor, Stephanie Redcross West

When you take a course with Vegan Mainstream, I (Stephanie Redcross West) will be your instructor. I have been developing tools, training and support for Vegan Professionals since 2009, and since that time I have been helping people who are starting and running vegan businesses all over North America and the world. Prior to starting Vegan Mainstream, I worked for more than 15 years in marketing for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

In the past decade, I have been a frequent speaker at vegfests, conferences, and even my own bootcamp series. I have been featured as a business leader in magazines and on websites and podcasts. I am well known as a business consultant and coach, and day by day I build my business dream…It lights me up to inspire others to turn their vegan passion into successful businesses, and I can’t wait to meet and help you too!

Your SKILLS instructor Stephanie Redcross West
Your SKILLS instructor Stephanie Redcross West

Do you want full access to our community?

Vegan Mainstream Mastermind

What Is Vegan Mainstream Mastermind?

It’s Your All-Access Pass!

The SKILLS Vegan Mainstream Mastermind membership is your all-access pass to practical training, community challenges, activities, workshops, best practices, and daily support in one central location.

Your SKILLS Vegan Mainstream Mastermind membership gives you access to:

  • SKILLS Community Chat
  • SKILLS Podcast
  • Our ‘Learn & Be Inspired’ Space
  • SKILLS Live Events
  • Assignments and Feedback From Experts
  • In-Depth Courses
  • Marketing Buffet
  • Profit & Sales Pantry
  • Mindset Studio
Vegan Mainstream Mastermind – Your All-Access Pass
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