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Our intensive hands-on coaching programs are designed to help you focus on the most pressing issues or opportunities in your business. Whatever difficulties you are facing, things that seem insurmountable become manageable when you have the support you need.

What Do You Need Help With?

These are real examples of projects we have worked through with our clients.

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Designing a successful product launch

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Evaluating & revamping a current product offering

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Setting up a website that really works

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Setting up a website that really works

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Developing a strategic marketing plan

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Developing a better customer service process

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Finding new customers

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Developing a strategic marketing plan

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The Support You Will Receive *

  • We will guide you through the process of making changes that will make a REAL difference to your business.
  • We will help you to create the flexibility you need to make room for new opportunities.
  • We will help you evaluate your priorities and ensure accountability.
  • We will answer your questions and provide you with the support you need throughout your journey.

* Note that your level of support will be based on the program and add-ons you select.

"Having Stephanie in my corner was the best business decision I made in 2018! With her expert guidance, I ran a hugely successful first-time launch with an affiliate partner for my flagship course. Her skilled coaching and hands-on support make her one of my go-to resources for getting things done. If you want your operations organized, your marketing laser-focused and your bottom line increased, I wholeheartedly recommend Stephanie with Vegan Mainstream".

Structured & Customizable

Our coaching packages are highly customizable. At the same time they are based on a tested foundational structure that has proven to provide our clients with the results they are looking for. Each of our coaching packages is designed to deliver the type and amount of support you require for success.

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a package based on the type of support you need. We send your proposal and set up a meeting time to discuss it.

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to discuss your goals, objectives, support needs, questions, and how we can work together.

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Our Standard Coaching Sessions & Meeting Types

This is a list of standard sessions we offer, depending on the coaching package you choose (e.g. strategic, training, hands-on, etc). Our time together will be focused so each of our meetings yields the desired result.

  • Strategy Sessions: Set priorities and determine the best long-term approach
  • Training Sessions: Do a walk-through of tech or a tool via screen-sharing
  • Hands-On Sessions: Complete a task or activity together via screen-sharing
  • Project Planning Sessions: Identify key tasks to be completed by a specific date
  • Check-In & Prep Meeting: Answer questions and set an agenda for meetings planned each month
"I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie Redcross to help me with a variety of my business needs. It's quite amazing how many areas of expertise Stephanie has — and not just on the surface. She was able to help me with questions I had about overall business strategies, as well as marketing, online courses, email campaigns, and event organizing. But more than her technical skills, Stephanie blows me away when it comes to how present she is, how well she listens, how well she understands. Her follow-up is incredible, her professionalism is impeccable, and her compassion is authentic. I can't recommend Stephanie highly enough".
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
Author, Speaker & Podcaster

Our Coaching Packages

Please note that the choice you make here is not set in stone. We will help you to finalize your decision in our kick-off session based on your needs. However, this choice will help to give us more information about what you are looking for and move the proposal process along.

Fast Focus Strategy Planning, a deep dive approach, gives you the opportunity to develop or revise a business strategy through a series of brainstorming and planning sessions. The goal of this package is to outline an adaptive strategy that can be applied to your organization in the current environment.

Normally we facilitate deep-dive sessions in person; however, due to COVID protocol, all sessions would be conducted online via video conference software.

This package includes a total of three sessions to be completed over 7-10 days, based on availability.

Starting at $925

This program is a combination of hands-on training and coaching to help individuals master a specific marketing skill. It is delivered via weekly interactions ranging from training meetings and hands-on sessions to assignments and check-ins. Depending on your greatest need this intensive learning approach can help you make needed changes in your marketing quickly, or provide you with a better understanding of your learning track of choice, and how it can impact your business.

Choose from one of our learning tracks:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Live Social Media Broadcasting & Speaking Engagements

Starting at $1500

This service-based business program is a hyper-focused intensive that will coach you through the process of finalizing your business offering. This includes setting up the supporting tools and technology you need to have in place and creating a 30-day launch plan to drive sales. Through weekly meetings, our shared goal will be to see you through the process of setting up your business to effectively drive sales.

Choose one of the following launch types:

  • Coaching Services
  • Online Courses
  • Cooking Classes
  • Professional Services (e.g. accountant, website designer, etc)

Starting at $3700

The Strategic Coaching Program is about you and your growth. You decide on your most important goals, and on your game plan. We provide the structure, tools, and support that will give you a fresh perspective on your business and help foster innovative thinking — and keep you on track to turn your goals into reality.

Meeting types included:

  • Project Planning Sessions
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Training Sessions
  • Hands-On Sessions
  • Check-In Meetings

Starting at $4050

This program is for business owners who have identified a successful service, program, or campaign in their business that they wish to scale. In this growth program, we will focus on translating what you have learned works in your business into a sustainable, repeatable process. From the middle of your business, it can be challenging to map out a plan to help you expand your reach, increase your community impact, or generate additional revenue. This program will help you decide where to prioritize your time, money, and resources to achieve the biggest impact. If you’re ready to invest the time and effort it takes to really make your business thrive, this is your chance to take things to the next level of success.

Choose one of the following growth paths:

  • From solopreneur to small team freelance or part-time team
  • From a single offer to a suite of services
  • Expanding your coaching services
  • Scaling an existing campaign or program
  • Creating a membership program or plan

Starting at $9400

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