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What are social ads?

Ever come across an ad that just seems to get you? Like it was tailor-made for you? That’s the magic of social ads. Crafted to target the right people based on age, interests, and online activity, they’re more than just eye-catching—social ads are all about amplifying your message, boosting brand visibility, and driving website traffic (which can ultimately lead to increased sales). We specialize in harnessing this magic to help your business thrive in the digital space.

Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns

Sit back, relax, and watch your ads soar under our expert care. Here’s what we do:

  • Load up ads and monitor results
  • Fine-tune for great ROI
  • Zero in on a look-alike audience
  • Perform A/B Testing
  • Share detailed reports

*Our fees are centered around our awesome management services; you’re responsible for covering ad creation costs and ad spend.

YouTube Ad Campaigns

Let us turn your YouTube channel into a subscriber magnet. Here’s what’s on our list:

  • Load, track, and optimize your ads
  • Strategize to increase views, subscribers, and engagement
  • Target look-alike audiences
  • Road-test and adjust for maximum impact
  • Share all insights via detailed reports

*We’re all about the management finesse; you handle the ad creation costs and ad spend. We recommend an 8-month run for the full YouTube effect.

Facebook & Instagram Ad Creation

Our passionate creatives create ads that command attention and spark action including:

  • 30-Second Reel/Videos
  • 60-Second Reel/Videos
  • Image-Based Ads
  • 2-Minute Product Videos

* Our team crafts ad content that is full of personality and weaves b-roll magic into every video. You bring the raw footage (not exceeding 60 minutes); we’ll handle the rest.

Facebook & Instagram Ads Setup

Before we hit the launch button, we fine-tune your ad ecosystem for maximum impact. Here’s what’s on our checklist:

  • Activate and install pixel code on your website
  • Set up event types to track visitor actions
  • Stress-test registration triggers to ensure conversation tracking is accurate
  • Create website traffic audiences for future ad testing
  • Build look-alike audience via email list or other marketing sources

*Our fees are centered around our awesome management services; you’re responsible for covering ad creation costs and ad spend.

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Frequently asked questions

Our targeted ad services are designed to elevate your brand’s presence on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube through strategic advertising campaigns. We harness the power of these platforms to fuel your brand’s visibility and engagement.

Before launching your ads, we ensure every aspect of your ad ecosystem is optimized for maximum impact. This includes activating pixel code, synchronizing payment and business accounts, and integrating pixel power into your website. We also stress-test registration triggers to ensure flawless reporting.

Our passionate creatives specialize in crafting ads that command attention and drive action. This includes 30-Second and 60-Second Reel/Videos, Image-Based Ads, and 2-Minute Product Videos. We infuse each ad with personality and b-roll magic to captivate your audience.

Under our expert and passionate care, you can sit back and watch your ads soar. We load up all ads, monitor results closely, tweak and fine-tune for optimal ROI, target look-alike audiences, and conduct A/B testing for peak performance. Detailed reports are shared regularly so you stay informed about your campaign’s progress.

We specialize in turning YouTube channels into subscriber magnets. Our services include loading, tracking, and optimizing ads, crafting strategies to increase views, subscribers, and engagement, targeting look-alike audiences, and adjusting campaigns for maximum impact. Detailed reports provide valuable insights into your campaign’s performance.

All first-time campaigns will include a set-up fee. This is a one-time cost.
Our social media campaign management fees are focused on providing comprehensive management services on a monthly basis. Clients are responsible for the additional costs associated with both ad creation and ad spending.
If you decide to include Facebook and Instagram ad designs, we will include the additional cost for this design work in your proposal. This in an optional service—we are also happy and able to manage your campaign using designs you have created or sourced elsewhere.

Ready to see your brand soar? Schedule a discovery call now and let’s make some magic happen! Our team is here to guide you through the process and help you achieve your advertising goals.

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