Going Solo! A Business Podcast For Vegan Solopreneurs


Going Solo! A Business Podcast For Vegan Solopreneurs

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Being a solopreneur has many advantages, but it can also come with challenges. Going Solo is an ongoing training podcast especially for vegan solopreneurs. It focuses on the particular challenges that solopreneurs face, like managing a number of different tasks without losing your focus, efficient time management, getting help when you need (including how to do that in a cost-effective way) and so much more.

It also celebrates the amazing things about being a solopreneur, like being able to design your business around your life, or being flexible and able to pivot quickly and effectively. Join Stephanie Redcross West, longtime vegan business owner, coach and marketing expert, as she delves into the great, and not-so-great, things about running a vegan business all on your own. If you’ve been thinking about setting out on a solopreneur journey, or your ship has already set sail, you’ll find great advice, tips, and food for thought in this unique podcast for vegan solopreneurs series.

What You Will Get:

  • Tips for building a marketing plan that is manageable on your own.
  • Tools to help you master the money side of things.
  • Advice on how to manage and make the most of your time.
  • Learn how to recognize when you need help, and find out where you can get it
  • Knowing when you need help, and where you can get it.

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Each month we publish two 30-minute premium training episodes. Episodes are designed to teach you how to implement a new technique in your business that will help you grow, gain efficiency and reach more customers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

This is an audio podcast so everything can be accessed via your phone or mobile app. Listen to the podcast while you walk, work out, or wait in line at the grocery store!

This premium podcast is not what you might expect of a traditional podcast. These are designed as training sessions to help you on your road to success, simply packed into an easy-to-access audio format. We offer courses and training in many formats and know that many people prefer the experience of listening to a podcast while working out, driving, cooking, etc, so we wanted to provide our community with another option for training in a format that they know and love.

Yes, you can download the mobile app to play everything from your phone or you can log into your account online and listen to the podcast.

While the podcast isn’t designed as a ‘getting started’ audio course, it can be valuable for individuals who are in the beginning stages of their business. Anyone who is past the initial phase of setting up their business can benefit from this podcast — as a guide, perhaps after the first 90 days in business.

Yes, it is a monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time.

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