Ep. 100: Disrupting Network Television with Jane Velez-Mitchell



Jane Velez-Mitchell started her non-profit network, UnchainedTV, with a single Go Pro camera, videotaping the stories she felt needed to be on network television, but weren’t. UnchainedTV quickly evolved into a global social media network with dozens of citizen journalists going LIVE on Facebook and Instagram around the world, garnering millions of views.

On a mission to share the truth about the horrific problems created by industrialized animal agriculture, UnchainedTV offers viewers delicious alternatives that are better for people, the environment and the animals.

In this episode, Jane shares how she went from award-winning TV journalist, New York Times bestselling author and documentary filmmaker to running a free, vegan, CNN/Netflix-style streaming TV network.

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You have to always get through that period where it seems like, “Oh, no, this isn’t working. Oh, my God, what did I do?” I’ve had those moments…there are those moments in every business. I just try to put those thoughts aside and do the next indicated thing and stay out of the results. Just prod forward – prod forward to get through a difficult point where it looks impossible.”

— Jane Velez-Mitchell


[02:46] The mission is to wake the world up to veganism: eating animals is causing most of our problems. 

[04:29] Jane was in mainstream media for 40 years and then decided it was time to break the vegan bubble and founded UnchainedTV.

[08:34] The importance of having information to drive a change. 

[10:05]  Bringing activism to your business: if you’re good at something, do that–it doesn’t matter what it is, you can use it to help animals. 

[15:45] How UnchainedTV can help your vegan business pivot. 

[18:57] Why the mainstream media isn’t talking about animal agriculture. 

[20:55] UnchainedTV pivoted so many times and adapted to challenges faced. 

[23:42] Coverage of the open rescue trial of former Baywatch actress Alexandra Paul and her co-defendant, Alicia Santurio. 

[26:36] California overturns the proposition forbidding meat from pig gestation. 

[29:52] Driving change: do things in front of you and be patient. 

[33:07] How to get through hard times and the power of streaming to get the message out there.

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