Ep. 110: Pivoting from Live Events to Online Success with Karen Ranzi



Karen Ranzi is a pioneer in the vegan and raw food movement, vegan since 1989 and raw vegan since 1994, guiding thousands of individuals and families to excellent health and wellbeing through a vegan and raw food lifestyle.

In 2020, when the COVID pandemic rocked the world, Karen Ramzi had a thriving live raw vegan coaching and classes business called Feel Fabulous With Food that she had built over decades. Karen was no longer able to host live classes for students and couldn’t offer her in-person coaching appointments. Instead of panicking, Karen quickly started exploring ways she could continue to share her passion for teaching the vegan and raw lifestyle. 

By leveraging her newsletter and social media platforms in a whole new way, Karen was able to bring in more new students and clients for online classes and sessions than ever before. In this episode, Karen shares how she did it. From creating interesting content and leveraging various tools for communication to restructuring her offers to appeal to new students and clients with varied interests, Karen shows us what a truly successful pivot can look like. 

Karen Ranzi, M.A. is an Award-Winning Author, Vegan Health Coach, Autism Expert, Internationally Acclaimed Speaker, Director of the Vegan Coach Certification Course, Raw Food Health Retreat Leader of retreats in Costa Rica and the Women’s Health Retreat, and Speech/Language/Feeding Therapist. Karen has been a featured speaker worldwide for over twenty years, presenting at events such as the London VegFest and the annual Woodstock Fruit Festival.

Go with your passion, get strong, realize that your mindset is going to establish your business going forward. If you’re fearful of getting on camera, just look at your underlying cause. Why are you passionate about spreading the information of a vegan business? Why do you want to get your message out there? I hope today’s show will give you that solid grounding that you need to spread your own message. 

–Karen Ranzi

Show notes:

[00:43] Longevity in establishing a business: Karen’s expertise and experience.

[03:31] Helping people understand the vegan message through coaching and courses from  1988.

[10:57] Karen’s inspirational story from her grandmother: issues with skin pushed her into the vegan way of life. 

[15:29] When medications are not working: be in control of your health and the health of the world.

[18:56] Entrepreneurship during the pandemic was in panic mode: in-person events and meetings moved to Zoom.

[22:43] Transitions in business: doing things Karen never did before – using the power of social media.

[27:06] Courage to do new things in business: learning new things and being willing to be visible.

[30:17] Karen’s books and websites: focus on children, coaching and coaching certificates.

[35:27] Your beliefs and passion are the pillars of your business.

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