Ep. 52: A Great Day Starts With An Intentional Morning



What does the morning of a great day look like for you? I’m asking because in today’s live Spark! session I want to talk to you about intentionally manifesting the work environment that makes you most productive. Every few months I like to sit down and evaluate my morning routine and make sure that it continues to serve me and my best day. Guess what? It’s time for me to do that evaluation and I thought I would share this process with you now! Join me! I’m gonna be talking about some new things I am planning as improvements to my morning routine, like:

  • Waking up earlier so I have more quiet time
  • Ensuring a sense of accomplishment for myself early in the day
  • Focusing on proactive work instead of reactive work

“Define your great day. What does that look like? What does it feel like? And for some of you, it’s about taking a few moments and reminiscing. It’s about taking some time and thinking about what happened last week, what happened last month. And when did you have a day where things went well when things happened differently based on the actions that you took.”


Finding your rhythm during the day to feel more energized. 00:38

Reflect on what you’ve done in the past but don’t criticize yourself. 03:55

Why re-adjusting your schedule and morning routine is important. 04:35

Creating an intentional morning routine around accomplishments. 07:11

Stephanie’s magical morning. 08:35

Finding more natural flow and using “me time” for personal nourishment. 11:22

How Stephanie found something more delightful to start her days with. 13:48

How to test your wake-up time without taking away from your sleep.15:56

Adjusting your work schedule to gain more flexibility. 18:28

Distractions may pull you away; how to find a mechanism to get proactive again. 21:41

Having a plan sized just for you is essential. 24:26

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