Brave and Bold: Sharing Your Perspective, Thoughts, and Ideas



We all have valuable opinions, but it can be intimidating to share your thoughts, as not everyone is constructive with their feedback. We live in an environment in which anyone can comment on what you do without any perspective on why you do it. When you are mission-based and set on contributing to positive change in the world, you can’t hide behind your business. You can find spaces to start sharing your ideas and build a community around your business that wants to hear your opinion. While not everyone wants to be a public speaker on stages worldwide, any of us can influence the world with the right channel. The key is to find or create the right space for your unique voice and perspective, and to bravely participate in it. 

We’ll get brave and bold as we cultivate the space for:

  • Building a community around your approach or methodology
  • Managing feedback that isn’t ideal or even accurate
  • Methods of being bold as an introvert

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