Better Together: Building a support system around your business


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With the load you carry as a vegan business owner it’s easy to feel like the people around you really don’t understand what you are carrying. Does anyone know all the things you have to do to make your business successful? As physical distancing continues to be our reality you might be feeling more than ever that you’re stranded on your own business island. In this webinar, join Stephanie Redcross West to talk about how you can get reconnected with your community and colleagues — and even meet new people — in this challenging time.

We’ll cover: 

  • How to approach networking while physically distancing
  • How to find the courage to send introductory emails — cold!
  • Ways to use messaging tools as conversation starters
  • Tips for building an unofficial advisory board for ideas, suggestions, and sanity checks

About Our Monthly Webinars

Each month we offer free live webinars on topics ranging from social media marketing and time management to connecting with your target audience, all geared toward vegan professionals. Join Stephanie each month for her unique take on timely topics in the vegan business community, and in the meantime, watch a recording of a recent webinar.

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