Ep. 76: Isaac Thomas of Vegan Nation – How to Change the World With One App


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VeganNation is a global community with a mission to empower people and businesses who wish to move to a more sustainable way of living. As part of this community—or ecosystem, as they like to say—you can get to know other vegans and ecologically conscious individuals and companies.  

VeganNation’s business directory network enables users to connect with sustainable producers, wholesalers and retailers directly. Members can discover everything from organic farms and plant-based eateries to animal-friendly textiles, manufacturers and consumer-conscious fashion brands.

Through in-app activity, business owners and individuals can earn reward points, and the Stripe-enabled GreenPay platform allows users to pay in-store or online directly to their favorite plant-based and sustainable business. Business owners can connect their merchant accounts using Stripe and start accepting payments from customers directly through the app.

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Show notes +quote:

“The idea of the VeganNation ecosystem is to have one app, one technological platform to connect consumers, businesses, organizations—anyone that has anything to do with plant based and sustainability—and bring them into one ecosystem. It starts with a directory to list all the businesses—not just the food-related ones, but also fashion, health, wellness, cosmetics, accessories—the entire lifestyle that it takes to sustain what we’re doing. That will transition in the future into a full marketplace to buy and sell all those products. A digital wallet [is provided] to enable payments between businesses and consumers, empowered by our global loyalty program. That is the essence of Greencoin, the digital currency that we launched. That will be the economic engine of this global movement. 

People around the world, any conscious consumer…regardless of where they are [can be involved]. When they are part of this ecosystem, when they’re participating, when they are actively helping to build this economy, and using all aspects of the ecosystem, from the directory to the marketplace to the wallet incentivized by the Greencoin, that is really the true building of a borderless vegan nation.”

🤓 As the vegan movement goes forward, we need systems, institutions and ways to collaborate with each other. 00:43

🍀 We are bringing vegan businesses and communities into one ecosystem, and helping to drive this ecosystem forward as a true global economy. 02:38

🚵‍♂️ The first pivoting moment in the journey of VeganNation and the rising of the vegan ecosystem. 03:58

🍀 Having a global community to help each other in all spheres of life. 08:27

⚡ Standing together in global vegan economic power. 10:10

💰 Every currency in the world is used to drive consumer behavior and VeganNation is using it to preserve Amazon forests, help animals and so much more. 12:25

📱 VeganNation 2.0 app and business directory. 14:25

🌳 Plant-based values, sustainability and thrivability: the tree example. 16:03

🍄 The underground network of trees of mushrooms and how that connects to blockchain technology. 18:03

🤩 The first uses of the app will really be the directory, finding businesses, payment and loyalty. 19:04

🏞️ Being like a river is the key for startups. 22:32

😷 The major pivot VeganNation had during COVID. 24:33

😇 Isaac has two methods to deal with huge challenges. 27:44

📣 A major part in driving veganism forward is on TikTok but also on other social media. 29:44

😃 Power of music, power of smile and positive spiral. 32:08

💚 VeganNation app 2.0 is going to be reissued on November 15th. 33:51

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