Ep. 68: Interview with Gabriel Zhanay



Meet our guest: Gabriel Zhanay is a vegan leadership and fitness coach. An expert on mindset and leadership, his story of transformation from depressed, self-loathing man to inspired and compassionate vegan leader has touched 1000’s of lives with his daily posts. He runs his online coaching company, Vegan Fitness Redefined, with his wife Anna Zhanay – and they mold vegans into fit vegan heroes who empower and inspire others as positive examples of health, fitness, and leadership. They both are DEEPLY committed to helping the planet and making the biggest positive impact with their lives.

Gabriel truly believes that Veganmainstream’s listeners WILL be inspired by his authentic and laid-back approach to fitness and leadership. Especially in a year when most people disconnected to their positive energy and HOPE, Gabriel’s gift is being able to EMPOWER others and help them reconnect with their true potential, not only in their fitness… but in their lives! 🙂

Gabriel and Anna love helping their audience REALIZE that by becoming stronger, healthier, and more powerful in their mind and bodies, they’ll create the biggest IMPACT possible with their vegan businesses as leaders and positive examples as well!

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