Ep. 80: Vegan fiction author Ray Star, Trying to Save the World One Book Sale at a Time



Meet our guest: I’m a climate fiction author with a unique form of vegan activism, trying to raise awareness of the realities of speciesism through literature, and my debut novel Earthlings – The Beginning (Book one of a YA Fantasy trilogy) recently won Book of The Year 2021. Earthlings tells the tale of a magick-born girl named Peridot and her journey into a dystopian world where the food chain has flipped, and humans are no longer in control. Our protagonist must ultimately decide whether humanity is worth saving. It is my intention to bring awareness to non-vegans of the treatment of animals in modern-day society through my writing.  Each book within the trilogy is in homage to animal rights documentaries that helped me transition to a vegan lifestyle. (Earthlings, Dominion, A Land of Hope and Glory)

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“Let’s just do things better. And let’s turn this around ourselves, rather than being kind of the martyrs of our own story. Let’s fix the world instead of destroying it. Let’s come together – our world is worth saving. But we’re the ones that got to save it, it’s down to us. So that is the message behind the Earthlings story”.

– Ray Star


Using fiction as a form of vegan activism. 00:44

Illness in the family raised Ray’s awareness for veganism.  02:51

Ray’s activism through books: Earthlings trilogy and reverse speciesism. 04:20

Ray didn’t market her book as a vegan book: reaction from omnivore readers is instant. 07:22

Earthlings is a climate fiction trilogy: a child friendly, humorous book that is raising awareness and not traumatizing. 09:54

Dominion is a bit darker and the third part Land of Hope and Glory will have two alternate endings. 12:39

Books educate different generations. 14:16

Youth of today are really open to change the world. 15:57

Books can create dialogue and discussion.18:03

The perfect way to make the most non-vegan, vegan. 19:02

Awareness is the first step towards a solution: make your voice heard. 20:40

A carbon neutral author: Ray’s books are printed on recycled paper and she plants a tree for every copy sold. 22:12

Ebook is the only option of the trilogy available on Amazon. Book signing and events. 25:40

Young girl named Peridot with magick powers sees the world as it is: a lightbulb moment for readers.  29:06

Climate fiction is a popular category but vegan fiction is still a niche genre. 32:53

We really have to change the way we act toward animals and people. 34:09

Bad things we’ve done are not in the past, they are still happening all over the world: make our voices heard. 35:39

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