Ep. 98: Taking Veganism Worldwide, One Trip at a Time with Brighde Reed



Brighde spent her formative years in the UK and Australia before her desire to travel took over. She spent five years leading group tours for an Australian company. She met fellow tour guide Seb in Marrakech, fell madly in love, and a couple of years later they discovered veganism together. She became passionate about promoting the vegan message as an activist.

Combining her passion for travel and veganism values, Brighde founded World Vegan Travel together with her Seb. World Vegan Travel offers luxury experiences that align with the values of vegans to destinations around the world.

In this episode, we talk to Brighde about growing a hospitality business during a pandemic, selling in the luxury space–how to differentiate a business based on highest quality experience, not price and how you can incorporate activism into travel.

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“We felt that if we were able to focus on a luxury product, we knew there wasn’t anybody in that space and also realized that people who are, generally speaking, a little bit older, have a little bit more of disposable income, they’re often more sort of in a professional arena, And they’re at the point of their lives, where they really just want somebody else to do the work and do the efforts.”

—Brighde Reed


[02:49] Travelling the world from a vegan point of view: what is World Vegan Travel.

[04:22] Luxury vegan group tours for vegans and vegan-curious. 

[07:35] How Brighde decided to work with hotels directly and bring local cuisine experience to vegans.

[10:17] When your food on vacation isn’t a half-time job but a joyful experience. 

[12:27] Brighde’s unique business offer: why they decided to go luxury five-star with their business.

[15:43] How to incorporate activism into business: bringing learning and education to chefs and hotels.

[23:24] Stephanie helped Brighde with her business: NY Times mentioned them and they got PETA award for Animal-Friendly Safaris.

[27:01] Working on marketing and creating content: Stephanie nudged Brighde towards podcasting.

[34:28] How to launch new offers: collect info, provide updates, discount first offers, and connect with your customers. 

[37:46] The dream of every entrepreneur is to be able to deliver what people want in high demand.

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