Ep 53: Creating Recurring Tasks to Make Business Life Easier



It can be fun to do things on the fly, but that isn’t always practical or efficient when you’re running a business. In fact, daily and weekly tasks often get a little easier and less stressful if you are able to schedule them as recurring activities. That might sound less exciting, but sometimes a little less spice is a good thing! It can set you on a steady path that is easier to manage and create space for predictability that allows you to be more resilient and productive in your business. 

“Business owners feel like we’re in a race against time, we feel like we’re trying to get the maximum amount of things done in a day until the clock runs out. And what I want you to do is start to think of your business differently. not think about you racing against time, but instead using time as an asset for you in your business. And what that means is sitting down and understanding what are some of the most important things that you do in your business? Separate out the things that are critical, crucial, and important to your business, the things that really help keep your business afloat. Turn those into recurring tasks. Because you will complete them faster and get the benefit of them faster. What can happen is a shift can happen in your business.”


The power of creating recurring tasks for running your business more smoothly. 00:39

Why do recurring tasks really provide us freedom? 01:47

Stop racing against time. 03:38

Separating important things in your business into recurring tasks. 05:07

Stephanie’s big tasks and tools she uses. 07:23

Setting up recurring meetings with clients.08:40

Stephanie’s favorite thing is to have a content creation meeting and setting time aside for it. 11:11

Setting aside recurring events for focusing on customer experience. 12:28

Prospecting and sales management: prioritizing the tasks. 14:19

Benefits of recurring: Are the things you’ve been working on, actually create returns? 16:40

Ensure that time is secured around projects or collaboration opportunities. 19:50

When feeling of accomplishment starts motivate us to do more and change our mindset. 21:04

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