Ep. 4: Kirti Yadav, KukClean


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Meet our guest: Kirti Yadav is a Clean Eating Evangelist and she has already inspired 3500+ people across India.
She loves to share one simple mantra “Eat Right, KuKClean” and you will see all the problems disappearing.
It’s actually that simple.

She lost 27 kgs of weight which inspired her to start “KUKCLEAN” so that she could help not only women but also men who are struggling with sedentary lifestyle disorders where weight loss is the most important issue.

While she was losing weight, she started her first startup “Plattershare” and learned the meaning of the word “STARTUP” for the first time. She also learned one more thing that motherhood should not be treated as a career break but a search for that career which you wanted to do.

Motherhood taught her to run a business, run a family, and nurture a soul with healthy food and upbringing.

So at KuKClean, her second startup, she is promoting and spreading health via Eating right Program to Corporates, schools, and colleges and she is on a mission to build a healthy next generation and change our generation.

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