Ep. 13: Building A Road Back To Profit



The shockwaves of 2020 are still being freshly experienced by many business owners as we continue to heal and adjust to our new work-life reality. For much of this year we’ve been in reactive mode, navigating the transition to digital services, dealing with restrictions on retail and figuring out general limitations that have been placed on the way we once did business. In this episode of Spark! Stephanie offers a reminder that as business owners we need to not only respond to the times, but also start to build the road back to profit in our businesses. This is a gentle nudge out of fight-or-flight mode, if you have become stuck there! It may take some time to reach the goals set for your business pre-pandemic — and maybe those goals have changed. But the important thing is not to lose sight of your goals and start to move forward once again.

You’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to identify a big win for 2020
  • The advantages of collaborating with others
  • Tips for setting new budgets, metrics and goals

About Our Weekly Spark Episodes

Being a vegan business owner can be incredibly exciting, but also scary, overwhelming, and lonely. Now there is a podcast you can turn to when you need inspiration! Spark, hosted by Stephanie Redcross West, will provide you with support to help you on your road to success.

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