Ep. 49: A Business Transformation: Leveling Up



When you are ready to scale up your business, you will require a different approach and some different skills than you needed when you were in the business start-up phase. To make this transition successfully a mindset shift is critical. This is when you need to take that bootstrapping hat off and change your frame of mind from “I can (and should) do it all” to “where can I best invest to grow?”. Taking your business to a new level shouldn’t equal exhaustion if you are doing things efficiently. Today Stephanie is sharing tips on how to grow a business in small and big ways while ensuring that you’re taking care of yourself and your customers.


How to get the most out of what you’re spending your time on: tactical skills and critical mindset shifts. 0:39

Why you should start thinking about leveling up your business. 02:05

When you start leveling up, why delegating tasks and building ‘fast lanes’ for your team are crucial moves.  05:00

How to create ‘fast lanes’ in your business and tips for batching your work. 07:46

Leveling up in small ways: doing things differently and better. 10:26

Don’t be a critic of your work! 13:13

Leveling up in big ways. 14:53

A different approach: hiring someone to make good things better. 17:51

Investing in software, tools, and 3rd party services, and moving away from the bootstrapping mindset of “doing it all”. 20:37

Changing your role in your business is sometimes needed to achieve the level of service you want to provide your clients/customers. 23:22

Leveling up is not just about spending money on looking big; remember, it always comes down to your customers and community. 27:45

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