Ep. 51: Pushing Past Fear – How to Find Your Million Dollar Mindset



Making decisions in your business can be hard. Sometimes it feels like everything is riding on your ability to make the right choice! If you’re feeling stuck, or you’re not sure what your next big move should be, today’s episode of Spark is just what you need. The first thing to know is you’re not alone. Whenever anyone has to make a big change that will have a big impact on their business there is a crossroad to face, and that can be scary! But if you shy away from the crossroad, staying on the side streets and refusing to pick a definitive route, your business may not grow at the rate that you expect or deserve. Today let’s push past those fears and get comfortable with making bigger decisions.

“How do you push back the fear, the discomfort, and the challenges you may be facing in your business when it’s time for you to make bigger decisions? And how can you prepare your mindset—what I like to call your “million-dollar mindset”?  The reason behind a million-dollar mindset is that when you think about your business, it stops you from thinking small, or about what you have already accomplished in your business. Instead, you start thinking with a mindset that has you reaching towards the stars, towards something big, something that might be scary—maybe something that you don’t initially see is within your reach. When you start to build that mindset your perspective grows, and your ability to make more difficult decisions becomes a little bit easier”. 


Pushing past fears and harnessing a million dollar mindset. 00:42

Don’t get stuck in the crossroads: stop looking for the perfect environment for your business. 03:07

Widen your perspective to see not only the challenges ahead, but the opportunities as well. 05:02

Making a list of your challenges and identifying the biggest one of all.  07:58

Peeling back layers and making decisions about what to do next. 11:13

What is the biggest move you can make in your business? 15:55

Developing an offering that really works. 18:19

Taking a look at different levels of the offerings you have: why it is important to have high-end offerings. 20:38

Creating a community offer. 24:37

A million-dollar revenue may look huge, but in reality, it’s not that huge. 27:51

The proper mindset is key in preparing you to make important decisions about steps forward and building a small, mighty business. 30:11

Open up your purview and start to look at your business through different lenses. 31:57

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