Ep. 54: The Wax & Wane: Following The Cycles Of Expansion and Contraction



The planet has seasons of quiet renewal and of robust growth, and monthly the new moon grows to an expansive fullness. Likewise, your business grows in shifts and stages, and you can learn to get the most out of every phase. At times, it’s best to turn inward and recalibrate, taking inventory of needs and determining the best direction for the future. Other times, the moment is right for an outward expansion or a forward push in a new direction. Getting a sense for this timing will allow you to use your energy and resources most efficiently, set clear and attainable goals and reach your highest potential. Let’s cycle through some methods that will allow you to:

  • Sense when a period of expansion has reached its pinnacle and a recharge is needed
  • Reap the most rewards from planning stages
  • Find a rhythm that let’s you and your team flow with the needs of each season and stage of development

“When we think about expansion versus contraction, most of us are like, “Of course, we want to expand. I want to grow, I want to help more people, I want to reach more people. I want to expand my business!” Or maybe you’re in a place where you want to have additional locations, or maybe you want to build a team. But the reality is – most expansion will require a level of contraction first.”


Time for reflection: be aware of what cycles mean in your business. 00:52

Is it time to recharge and reassess: Stephanie’s challenge this year. 03:00

Too many projects and overpromising to your clients. 04:54

The Flex Plan: Set your business plan for the slowdowns too. 06:19

Creating recharge moments before you get exhausted. 07:34

Priority lists done differently. 08:39

Getting comfortable with the cycles your business goes through. 09:48

Expansion vs contraction: Don’t be afraid of the contraction in your business. 11:42

Success is in the streamline. 13:10

Contraction while spreading out or distributing your work: It helps you, your business and team, even if you’re in the contraction cycle. 14:39

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