Recalibrate & Adjust: Conducting a mid-year review of your business



How’s the year going? Are you feeling flustered, worried or unsure? It’s not uncommon for feelings like these to creep into our psyche when a gap emerges between the plans we made in the new year and the reality of the environment any given year brings as it unfolds. Instead of wishing you had known at the beginning of the year what you know now, let’s focus on making some adjustments based on that new-found knowledge. Revisiting your plans and goals  halfway through the year is a standard practice that I encourage my clients to follow because it provides a clear path forward for the coming months. And BONUS! It ensures that your business remains nimble and relevant to the times. Join this webinar to learn some key tips for recalibrating and making adjustments that will help your business thrive in the second half of 2021.

We’ll discuss: 

  • How to evaluate your current progress and celebrate interim successes
  • How to adjust goals and plans without trashing your progress so far
  • When to set a new goal vs when to tweak an existing goal
  • How to restore your faith in the planning process
  • How to reinstate optimism if your year hasn’t gone the way you planned

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