Juicing Your Content: Getting The Most From Your Content Marketing Efforts


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In our content-hungry world that spans multiple social media platforms (and the constant need to communicate on- and off-line), it is imperative that you, as a small business owner or manager, have a content-marketing strategy that takes full advantage of leverage.

This means that when you spend time and money creating great content that works, you use it to your full advantage, tweaking it for different platforms so that you really squeeze everything you can out of the effort and money you have invested. I often see small businesses struggling to keep up with marketing demands because they aren’t in a position to develop new content from scratch weekly. The good news is, you don’t have to!

Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose

But honestly, even if you had the budget to do that, there’s so much value and good business sense in finding a way to reuse your best marketing campaigns and content. Why? Because creation doesn’t always have to start with a blank sheet of paper. In reality, you can do more, access more people and create interesting content more quickly if you start from content that you know works.

Have you ever wondered what the best way to post on social media is? Have you spent time pondering the best topics for a blog post? Or the best way to do a Facebook live session? While it’s great to benchmark and understand industry standards, it is equally important to know what your own standards are.

Where Do You Start?

Look at the content that has performed well on one platform and determine if it might get you the same buzz, attention or sales on a different platform. For example, you could take your top 10 blog posts and turn them into videos for YouTube. The idea is to take content that has generated lots of views, shares or click-throughs and see if you can get similar results on another platform.

Leverage, And Improve

Since you are leveraging something that has been successful for you in the past, you are not only repurposing that content, but with a fresh set of eyes (that come as a result of time away from a campaign), you might be able to make improvements.

With the latest rendition, perhaps you can be more concise, clearer, or provide real-time examples. When you post your new videos on YouTube, you can include a link to the original posts on your blog. This not only creates a trail to your site, but provides a sense of continuity.

Tell A Story

Another way to leverage content is by bringing published material that is connected by topic or theme together to tell a cohesive story.

One of my favorite business blogs does this really well. In addition to publishing individual blog posts regularly, on a monthly basis they create a downloadable PDF that references several of their published pieces. They take snippets from each blog post they have published and bring them together into one document to help people understand the bigger picture. In this case they are able to leverage existing content to create a new document that can be shared, read and used. Thus, the PDF becomes the glue for a series of popular blog posts, increasing exposure for each post anew, and the finished document is a valuable marketing asset for the business.

Take It Live

If you are looking for ways to create leveraged content in social media platforms, you can take a post with a large number of comments or questions and host a Facebook live session to address the comments. Another option might be pulling quotes or quick inspiration points from a recent interview and creating a series of images to share on social media (or an Instagram story). This can help people get inspired and want to read the interview or listen to your podcast.

Provide Format Options

Sometimes it’s a good idea to publish content in different formats to help people absorb information via their preferred style. With minicomputers in our pockets, we can decide if we prefer written, video or audio communications. For example, I listen to a podcast for inspiration when I work out, I read news articles on my phone at night before I go to bed, and I watch videos on YouTube when I want to learn. So, consider using the same or similar content on different channels as ways to reach people on their own terms. All of this can help to relieve the pressure of always creating new content.

But, Be Careful

One note of caution on how you repurpose content. I’m not saying you should create a video of yourself reading a blog post. That’s just regurgitating content, and that’s a big no-no. What you want to focus on when you repurpose content is increasing the value of the content you have already created. It’s like remodeling your kitchen — you already have a strong foundation; you’re simply adding a fresh look and feel.

And finally, don’t try to implement everything in this article! I have described several ways to approach the same goal. Instead, use this article to help stretch your imagination and find the right balance for your business. Repurposing content, done properly, is an invaluable tool for making your marketing efforts more effective, reducing the pressure to create everything from scratch, and allowing you to post more impactful information more often to reach a greater number of potential customers in a meaningful way.

Take Action

Think about each of the four items above, and create a document to record how you could use each one in the coming six months to benefit your business. Then, choose one of them, and get started!

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