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Being good at marketing is not an option when you are a vegan business owner. If your marketing strategy is not working (or doesn’t exist), it doesn’t matter how amazing you or the products or services you have to offer the world may be – because no one will know about them. On the other hand, having a strong marketing strategy and plan can really help your business take flight! However, we understand that there are so many options and tools, and ways to “do” marketing that it can be utterly overwhelming when you are new to all of this.

That’s why we have put the articles in this guide together…they cover some of the basic ideas and principles that you will want to think about as you get started laying out the marketing foundation for your vegan business, and as you are wading through your first few years. From understanding target markets and content marketing to using fundamental tools like social media, your website, and email to reach customers and clients, the articles in this guide will help you get started.

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