Spring Into Action By Creating New Habits


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As spring springs upon us, I find myself getting caught up in the energy this wonderful season can bring. At this time of year, as the days are getting longer and the sun (hopefully) is more present, many of us feel a renewed sense of vitality. The vigor that spring brings can help us out of ruts that may have been building up over the winter. It’s time to refresh, renew, re-inspire!

Let me explain…

One common characteristic of vegan entrepreneurs is we dream big. We want to change the world, and nothing less than PERFECT will do. Those are great qualities…except when they help us to get, and stay, stuck. Sometimes I see vegan entrepreneurs focusing on finding the “best approach,” which makes them unwilling to move forward unless they “have it down.”

This focus on perfection can keep many of us from progressing and turning ideas into actions. And if you don’t find a way past it, you may find yourself in the middle of a never-ending internal battle.

So, if you’re feeling stuck I want to encourage you to use this change of season to break free! And one of the easiest ways to make that break is by creating some simple new habits to drive you into the coming months. Let’s be clear, this doesn’t have to mean a massive business overhaul. Instead, it’s an invitation to use the natural energy that comes with seasonal cycles to start creating positive habits – big or small – that will help to take your business to the next level. There is always a time and place for contemplation, but once you’ve spent enough time there, move on. Now it’s time to become a doer!

Here are a couple of ideas for creating simple habits that can help you get started:

#1: Complete something every day, and write it down!

Each morning, before you start your day, pick one thing that you intend to complete. It doesn’t have to be huge; it can be a single step or a milestone in a larger project. However, in your business it’s important to implement an ongoing practice of taking tasks across the finish line. At the end of each day write down something you have completed. By the end of the week, you should have at least 5 items on that list. Over time that list might grow to 10 or 15 things. The key is to have written evidence each week that you are taking action. If you are working with others you may want to extend this practice to a partner, or even your team as a whole. The feeling of getting things done creates an amazing sense of purpose that can increase productivity and efficiency.

#2: Connect with people and customers daily

Don’t lose sight of who you are working for. The technical aspects of business can sometimes cause us to lose touch with the people we wanted to help in the first place. Simply taking some time to respond to comments on social media, sending a personal email to some of your best customers, or following up with a previous student can help mitigate this loss of connection and validate your priorities. A consistent connection will help you launch better products and services while setting more impactful priorities — because when your customers’ needs are at the center of your business, profitability and success are much easier to obtain.

These are just a couple of examples of small, easy habits to put into place that can transform your business if practised on a regular basis. However, every business has different requirements, and you are obviously the best judge of what your business needs. What is a simple habit you can employ that could help you achieve a change that is needed in your business? It’s spring! Why not take a walk around the block on a sunny day and think about this? Use the fresh air to get inspired and the changing season as inspiration to take one step closer to your next great habit!

Take Action

Make a list of 3 small habits that you could employ to make positive changes in your business and make a plant to implement at least one of them today.

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